I was raised by an artist mother who taught me to appreciate art. She taught me to enjoy the art of others as well as the art within oneself. And she taught me how to draw a tree.

I would discover throughout my lifetime that my appreciation for art would evolve and mature. I would fall in love with every artistic form out there. (Music, Theater, Literature, Film, Dance and any way people found to express themselves). For me it was Photography, painting and drawing.

I find that the more I experience the art of others, the more I am moved to create.

I create art because I must. I can’t hold in the desire to express myself. I am as surprised as anyone at times when I see what I end up with. Sometimes it feels like I’m witnessing the work being done in front of me. Other times it’s a struggle to have the finished piece match the expression I was going for.

I never paint for an audience. I am the only one I am trying to please. Sometimes I applaud while other times I think, “eh”. I try not to throw anything away because there have been times when I’ve revisited a piece and I can see that it was the mood I was in at the time.

Art is emotion. Art is personal. Art is universal. Art is Necessary.


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