Straw Flowers

Bittersweet Birch

Sunny Solitude

A Time of Gold

Sunny Side Up

Blue Flower on Red

   Heads Up

Burst of July

Snap Dragon

Blue Window

Totally Autumn

Tuscan Hillside

Autumn Yield

City Window

Snow Fence

Golden Gourds

Three Bean Basket

Villa Road

Cards are 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" Printed on heavy stock. Each come packaged in a propylene sleeve with envelope included.                          Individual Cards $3.00 ea.  (Free Shipping)

   First Clue


Old Gold

Beach Treasures

Bathing Birds

Sunflower Sold Out


Morning Has Broken

Meditation Stones 2

Meditation Stones 1

Tool Chime

Chatty Neighbors

Pink Pansies

Vermont Farm

Tulip Tree

Table Top

Yellow Truck

Orange Flower

‚ÄčShallots Ginger & Garlic 

Cactus w/Blue & Gold

Pink Hollyhocks

Into the Woods

Rock Beach

Storm Fence

Montauk Lighthouse

Retro Counter

Green Beans

      The Visit

Little FarmSold Out

Open Seating

Blue Pump

Thinned Skin

BLANK NOTE CARDS  Photography & Art by L. Decker

Good Gourd


Orange Ripple

Lily Pads

    French Toast

Autumn Green


Silver Mum

Garlic Scapes

Fallen & Wet

Golden Succulent

Floating Red