​Idol Eye

Pin Balls

Petrified Paper


Andy Warhol was Shot


Jewel Wings

Can't Stop Screaming

Mud Slinging

Cab Ride

Triangle Targets

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    $8 Each

    Peacock Jewels



Bubble Scope

Space Bubbles

Gummi Worms

At the Royal Parade

Cards are individually packaged in a clear polypropylene sleeve with envelope and Art Bio included. 

Old Time Pantry

 Ova Nova

​Lunar Sunset

Dance of the Jellies

Gong Show

Future Fashion

Double Yolk Dreams


Autumn Green

Each card

is an original piece of art. 

Each one-of-a-kind creation is painted on high-grade Strathmore paper and is suitable for framing.

                                  By sending this card, you are also giving a gift of art.

​Having a Ball

African Sanctum



Searching for Seuss

Primary Beginnings

Dragon Snakes

Monkey Shines



Cheese Mat

Heartstrings 2

A Clown Named Rorschach

Catterpillar Sweater